Objectives, Mission & Vision


  1. To encourage new ideas for innovative technology, technical tools, frameworks or product that improves lives and protect the environment. To share knowledge and ideas among students, scientists and researchers by conducting workshop, conferences, seminars and awareness programs.
  2. Aims to publish high standard academic international books, or journals, or magazines for the growth of all sections of the society. Providing membership access to the society for those who are all actively participating in developing engineering and architecture including B.E / B.Arch degree holder, diploma holder, B.Tech and M.Tech in engineering.
  3. To bring together Scholars, Engineers, Researchers, Scientists and Students in the area of Engineering and Technology and provide forums for research ideas, studies, framework build and results to improve the life of common man.
  4. To develop the standard of education in various fields and also science related ideas by undertaking seminars, training workshops, webinars and more for developing engineering and architectural knowledge.
  5. To enable engineers to participate in developing the architecture of engineering to their utmost capabilities using expertise in their field and make the impact of engineering in various fields.


To provide a platform that connects the global technical community and technical professionals everywhere and improve technological innovation for the benefit of humanity.


Technical Institute for Engineers (TIE) should be universally recognized for the contributions in the field of engineering and considered as a standard community that fosters a link between experts from technical industry, academia and business to promote new thinking, education and knowledge sharing.