Individual Development Program (IDP)

The mission of Individual Development Program (IDP) is to ensure the overall development of students by conducting various social and professional activities which strengthen and enrich the community within the educational institution.


T.I.E will arrange for internships to the members enrolled in this program where students can brush up their existing skills and pick up new skills along with it in a real-time work environment.


IDP helps students to get connected to various professionals to build a strong social profile which helps them to:

  1. Find information regarding their domain, or a job they are interested in
  2. Find someone who will give them advice on how to make their career better
  3. Establish contacts for future requirements or services

Career Guidance and Placement assistance

Career counselling experts from T.I.E assess the student’s interests, personality, values and skills and help them to explore career options and higher studies. Members enrolled under this program will also receive job oriented courses to meet socio-economic demands.

Value added courses

T.I.E, as committed to the grooming of graduates as well as to make them industry- ready with technical competencies by providing various value added courses and tests, like employability tests, communication training and industry-oriented technical training program in various streams of engineering.

Personality and Soft Skills Development

T.I.E’s personality development course polishes and improves student’s interpersonal and logical skills. It mainly concentrates on,

  1. Aptitude & Attitude
  2. Self-Motivation & Self-Esteem
  3. Decision making skill & Time management
  4. Team work & Work Ethics
  5. Conflict Management & Stress Management