Institutional Quality Development Program (IQDP)

An exclusive committee formed by T.I.E concentrates on various factors such as Faculty Development Program, Syllabus Enhancement, Infrastructure Development, and R&D to improve the overall standard of the educational institution.

Faculty Development Program (FDP)/ Faculty Empowerment Program

T.I.E offers quality training programs to professors and administrators of technical institutions to modernise their intelligence and skills in their fields of activity. It supports faculty members to enhance knowledge on the subject areas and give contemporary techniques to build up the right tools for the teaching process. These programs would encompass not only teaching-learning, but also personality development, student psychology, time management, etc.

Syllabus Enhancement

The expert panel of T.I.E. will bring recommendations to the existing syllabus, which have to be made in line with the changing needs of the industry to ensure that the skills taught to the students have real-time demand.

Infrastructure development Committee

The Infrastructure development committee of T.I.E ensures a uniform and balanced distribution of space and resources to all departments and also to provide and maintain necessary amenities to staff and students. The committee plans and designs classrooms, faculty rooms, labs etc., obeying with the standards required by AICTE.

Research and Development

T.I.E will create interest and atmosphere among the faculties to take up research projects to improve their knowledge, publication awareness and provide support for IPR related activities, like Patent filing, Copyrights, Industrial Designs.

Teaching-Learning Management

T.I.E suggests the best Teaching-Learning Management Approach to promote and develop the required knowledge, skills, attitudes and continuous learning habits among both the faculty and students. Faculties and Students are engaged in various activities through this program which enables them to acquire knowledge, skills, as well as a positive attitude and values.

Knowledge Sharing Platform

T.I.E provides knowledge sharing platform that enables organisations to manage formal learning by conducting workshops, various national/international technical conferences and more skill oriented programs.